Links to Code by #2

Here’s some more interesting stuff I’ve stumbled upon.


Links to code by (or just some cool links I found)

Every week or so I try and spend some time going through my reading list and catch up on my reading.  I invariably find some interesting posts to share with my team.  I might as well share them here as well so everyone can enjoy.

  • What’s in a good commit (here) and a follow up post that gives some additional commentary.  I agree with the points in these for the most part.  While I’m not perfect, these are good guidelines to follow.
  • Virtualizing SQL Server – new white paper that gives us some best practices.  Has some practical application to my team.
  • New version of Knockout!  Here’s a tool that we are using more and more, but I feel we are just scratching the surface of the power of it in our apps.
  • I just need to find a way to use babylon.js
  • People that know me, know I’m a resharper guy.  These multi-file templates coming in v8 are pretty cool.