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Links to Code By #4

Another episode of my infrequent Links to Code by. My take on things old and new that are interesting to me and perhaps make my coding life easier, more entertaining or purely stretches my cerebral matter. Enjoy!

Giving Clarity to Linq Queries by Extending Expressions – What a great article. This is something I’ve done plenty of times before, but here is a formal write-up.  in this article, Edward talks about using the Pipe and Filter pattern to simplify and give clarity to your linq statements.  Through the judicious use these custom expressions, our linq queries become more concise and readable and the expressions become easily reusable.   Good stuff here.

The Wounded QR Code – Most everyone knows what a QR code is by now.  But do you know how they work?  Do you know how durable they are and how resistant to damage they can be?  Do you also realize how creative you can become with their design while still maintaining a working code?  Well this article is a great introduction (and goes beyond just introducing them) to the great QR code with a special emphasis on damage and reliability.

NAudio 1.7 – I’ve always been fascinated by audio programming from the days on my Commodore 64 doing MIDI programming (good resource here), but I’ve never had a reason to dive into it before…..I still don’t really, so perhaps this is just an empty promise to myself, but I am going to look at this deeper some day.

WebForms URL Routing – I’ve not done a ton of web programming over the last couple years so I’ve not kept up on the new advancements in   Here is a good example of something I just discovered this morning.  New in 4.0 (I think) the routing capabilities adds a new dimension to the whole web forms arena.  I have to do a lot more research and testing before I pronounce judgement on this, but it’s nice to know that it is here.

When I interview potential new developers, one question I usually ask is, “If given unlimited resources and time, what would you do?”  9 out of 10 developers say some form of “Develop games”.  If was asked that years ago, my answer probably would have been the same (it still may be for that matter).  Game development has always fascinated me even though I realize that is probably one of the most demanding forms of development there is.  Well here is a blog from one Jesse Freeman, who is a technology evangelist for Microsoft that focuses on Windows 8 game development.  Good stuff, worth the read.

Well that’s enough to keep you busy for this Saturday….until next time….