Resharper – Surround with Quotes (“”)

Here is an option that is very handy, but seems to be turned off by default.   Have you ever had a bit of code or text that you wanted to throw into a string, surrounded by quotes?  Well there is a context action available in Resharper that makes a context action available.  This works in the C# section, not sure if a similar option is available in other contexts.


Once this is enabled, you can highlight some text in your code, pull up the context action menu (Alt-Enter) and you’ll see the option.


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Visual Studio – Paste Special – JSON as Classes

This has been there since 2013 I believe, but I’m just now discovering it….wish I would have found it sooner as it’s an awesome feature.

Take a JSON (or XML as there is a Paste XML as Classes as well) like the following and copy it into the clipboard:

"People" :[{
    "First Name" : "Jason",
    "Last Name" : "Lautzenheiser", 
    "Address" : {
        "Street" : "1122 Main",
        "City" : "BigTown",
        "State" : "OH",
        "Zip" : 66554
    "Phones" : [{
        "PhoneType" : "Home",
        "Number" : "330-555-7777"
        "PhoneType" : "Work",
        "Number" : "330-222-1111"

Then under the Edit->Paste Special menu, there is an option for Paste JSON as Classes which will spit out the following code:

public class Rootobject
 public Person[] People { get; set; }

public class Person
 public string FirstName { get; set; }
 public string LastName { get; set; }
 public Address Address { get; set; }
 public Phone[] Phones { get; set; }

public class Address
 public string Street { get; set; }
 public string City { get; set; }
 public string State { get; set; }
 public int Zip { get; set; }

What a beautiful thing that is. I recently had to import and manipulate some JSON data for a report which was much more complex than this. Within minutes I had my object model setup and the JSON files being read in.

Small feature, but what a time saver.

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Infragistics igGrid Get Row Data from Javascript

This isn’t well documented (or at  least I had trouble finding the answer to this), so I figured there may be others (or me again down the road) that could use this information.

Essentially I have a grid loaded from a datasource.  I needed to get at the data of a particular row from outside of any grid event, so I had to retrieve the rows from the grid, find the row that I needed and then reference the data.   All in all, once you know the syntax, it’s not that bad.
This line returns an array of the row data:

var dataRow = $("#igDetails").igGrid("dataSourceObject").Records;

Next we want to retrieve a particular row based on a value in a particular column:

var result = $.grep(dataRow, function (e) { return e.Id === id; });

Result will be an array of rows that match your criteria. In our case I just want the first match (ID will be unique, so should be only one row)

Now to retrieve the data:

var description = result[0].Description;

Pretty simple really, but the retrieving the data from the grid took some looking and piecing parts of the documentation together to get what I needed.