Game Development

Game Development 101

The 101 is not for you reader, but for me. I’ve been coding for 20+ years professionally and many more before that as a hobby back in the 80s. Short history to follow, so if not interested, skip to the next section.

Commodore-64-ComputerBack as a child of around 10, my sister had purchased a Vic20 and had a few games. I was enthralled. I recall some sort of PacMan clone and a few of the old Scott Adams Adventure, in particular AdventureLand. It wasn’t long after, that they became bored with it and I talked my mom into buying it for me. I was in heaven. As a natural tinkerer, I began to dissect the games, mostly in an effort to cheat and slowly, but surely began to create my own.

I wrote a few text adventures, dabbled with some graphical games and continued on that vein, when I had saved up enough money to by a Commodore 64, which was a killer machine back in the day, or at least I thought so. I learned Basic of course, taught myself assembler and some rudimentary graphical work. My neighbor at the time, also a 64 owner, was my partner in crime and we designed a few games together. Nothing ever finished, polished or even close to being released, but we learned a lot and had a blast (we still talk fondly of those days now).

That time prepared me for what would become not only my career, but also a passion. Aside from my faith and my family, it is probably the biggest influence in my life and something I enjoy doing in and out of my job.

History Lesson Over

History aside, I’ve not done much game development over the years. I’ve still dabbled here and there. Even fell back into the text adventure community (yes it’s called IF, interactive fiction, now… but it will always be text adventures to me) and dabbled developing some games there. Heck I even released a couple small ones for various jam style competitions. Check out my profile if you’re interested in seeing those efforts, Not the greatest of achievements, but it was nice to just get something completed and released.

I then dabbled in tool development, taking over the maintaining of one of the communities favorite IF mapping tool, Trizbort ( This has been a lot of fun, kept me involved with the community, but used my talents as a non-game developer to support and improve the tool.

MonoGame_LogoMoving forward though I’ve found a love of creating small games. Using Monogame, I currently have an Asteroids clone that is playable, but probably won’t be released anytime soon. Too many assets; music, sounds and art that I’ve “borrowed” from around the net. Mostly developed as a learning experience as I’ve dove back into the intricacies of modern game development tech. And my young boys enjoy playing it, which is reward enough for me. They’ve also become nice little play testers and have helped more than I ever imagined in designing the game.

asteroids1 asteroids2

Why am I telling you this?

Mostly because I felt like posting something…but really, I’m hoping to start writing more articles here on this site and focus on some of the more interesting things I’ve learned through my game development travels as disjointed as they may be. I’m sure I’ll share things that have been learned by others countless times. You’ll be the first to learn of any new game development or if *gasp* I ever plan on releasing anything.

So let’s end this boring post here and get back to development so I can share more interesting things.

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