Game Development, Unity

Learning Unity Again

So no, I really didn’t know Unity that well to begin with, but for the last couple years, I and a few former co-workers (at the time we weren’t former) decided to learn Unity and release some games.   We figured, “What could be so hard?”  We each set off to learn Unity on our own and figured since we were all developers, we could come back together in a few months and start working on our project.

Fast forward 3 years or so later and while we’ve each gone our separate ways, we have kept in touch and are still “learning” Unity.   So, now with the release of Unity 2017.1, we are taking another stab at it.

So where are we beginning?

In my career as a developer, the way I learn the best is typically to just jump right in and start coding.   Well with Unity, that hasn’t worked so well.  I’ve tried and stumbled a few times and this time I need something a little more directed learning, so I’ve found the courses at Udemy.  Udemy has many Unity courses and while their list price is very expensive, you can find discount codes to get the prices down to $10 each.   I’m going through some very basic courses that are actually meant to teach you how to program using Unity and though I’m beyond that stage in my career, they are helpful to see how as a Unity beginner, the common concepts apply.

Inspiration from others.

Not only are the three of us learning Unity together and through that process encouraging each other, we are also taking inspiration from others who have gone on ahead.  One great place to learn about others who many were just like us is on the Made with Unity site, particularly the stories section where there are many tales of those just beginning or creating their first commercial game and the successes and failures.

Just do something.

Developing a game, whether you use Unity or not, is not an easy process.  You must take into consideration some many facets from graphics, sound, gameplay and so much more.  And if you’re learning a new tool, as in Unity, at the same time it can feel overwhelming at times.  But simple words of advice that carry` way beyond Unity game development, is just do something.  Never have a day where you do nothing on your project.  It will take discipline, but it could be as simple as changing a color on a texture or adjusting your design document with a small detail.  Perhaps tweak in animation or adjust a sound.  It could have nothing to do with development directly.  Perhaps you can read an article teaching you a new aspect of Unity you’ve not tried before.   For me, just doing something small can often generate that motivation that I’m lacking and I accomplish more than I ever set out to do.  Momentum breeds more momentum.


We will see how far we will come this time.  We’ve been “motivated” to do this before.  But I hope to share my stories in learning and future development here and perhaps it can motivate someone else to pick up the gauntlet as well.

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