.NET, Resharper

Resharper – Navigate to Type Goodness

In my opinion the navigation improvements made by Resharper are where much of my productivity gains come into play.  When I can quickly find and navigate around my project, I can stay more focused on solving the problem at hand rather than trying to fumble through my project structure remembering where things are.

One of my favorites lately is Go To Type of Symbol (Ctrl-Shift-T in Resharper keymap, Ctrl-Shift-F11 in the Visual Studio keymap).  At it’s simplest, put your cursor on a variable and hit the keystroke.


If there is only one match, it simply takes you to the definition of the type (in your source or object browser if not).  Simple, but quick and easy.

The fun begins when there is more than one type.   The handiest example of that is when I have a List<> variable.   Then the Go To Type brings up not only the IList<> ( which I realize may be of limited usage), but it also brings up the type in the list (which is normally what I want to get at).


This get’s me quickly to what I’m looking for.

One more shortcut in my arsenal to move me quickly around my project.  Enjoy!