Resharper – Paste from Clipboard History

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make my day when I’m coding.  This is one of those items that once I bothered to learn the keystroke, has made my time coding that much more productive.

I’ve used Resharper for years (since v2) and while I’ve stumbled upon this feature a few times, I’ve never really bothered to get in the habit of using it.

It’s the Pasting Items from Clipboard History  feature.   Shortcut for this is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V in both keyboard themes (Note:  I did notice that in my VS2015 RC installation the keystroke was Ctrl+Shift+V, so it could be either of those depending on your setup)

When you select the paste (and assuming you’ve pasted some items to the clipboard while in Visual Studio) you’ll be presented with the clipboard screen;


From that screen it’s simple to cursor down to the entry you want and hit Enter to paste it into your current location.  You can also select the number or letter that prefixes the selection.  Pretty simple.

In just two days of using this feature, I’d say it’s increased my performance when I’m making multiple similar changes in some code.   Sometimes it really just is the simple things that really make a difference.